Board of Directors


Ryan Schroder

President - Exp 2024

Chad Koehler

Vice President - Exp 2025

Nicole Cimino

Secretary - Exp 2024

Dave Eisner

Treasurer - Exp 2025

Board Members

Term Expires 2024

Term Expires 2025

Shawn Hagenbucher

Fallon Gibson

Jennifer McKinney

Donald Kalinowski

Carmen Klug

Marcy Smith

Sarah Brooks

Bryan Weckwerth

Jason Brandner

Liz Rominski

Special Functions

Julie Schroder


Jeremy Imhoff

Game Scheduler

Bryan Schroder

Referee Scheduler

Kaylyn Weber

Concessions Manager

Liz Rominski

Concessions Co-Manager

Sarah Brooks

Fundraising Chair

Marcy Smith

Recruiting Co-Chair

Kaili Schaupp

Recruiting Co-Chair

Kendra Eisner

Apparel Coordinator

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